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  • I can't Help but be a tank (Webtoon)

    The ability to withstand the most devastating of blows, protect one's allies, and emerge victorious is the mark of a tank. And that's exactly what our protagonist strives to become - the strongest tank in the world.

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  • Age of Ember (OELN/Novel)

    In a dimension where the strong rule over all, and immortality is a gift to those that can master their power. A boy and some friends embark on a school given quest to seek new strength.

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  • The Guardian of Hope (OELN/Novel)

    In a post-apocalyptic future, Alejandro, a jaded Wanderer, and Enne, an idealistic half-elf matriarch. Together, Face threats and rekindle hope, discovering love and self-realization in a world where hope seems lost.

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