Our Story

Looking at the launch trailers for the next generation of gaming, then looking back at our rooms. we couldn’t quite figure how this system would blend into our environment. So we thought to ourselves what if other gamers are having the same thought. We couldn’t possibly be the only ones that felt like we want the system now but also want to wait for a limited edition version where things would look different. So we figured why not make our systems feel unique, why not create that limited edition feel and share it to the world. why not change da meta and create a whole new way going forward.


Every company begins with a vision. We want to build something unique and game-changing. We are just a group of friends trying to change the world from out of a basement. Starting with this one idea to stream line every other product we conceive. 


We imagine and create products that we believe will change your life with the way you feel and work. Imagine looking around your home and feeling like the world around you is changing as time goes by. Whether it be something small or big, we want to create a unique experience on how you decorate your home.


Mission statement 

"Making dreams more than that."

We want to inspire change through every individual to invoke a different society in the future. Someone with an idea should know that success isn't just an illusion, as dreams can become reality.